To Lead Or To Follow – Make The Choice

Most people would have us believe that we are either leaders or followers…not both.  But, in reality, we lead in some parts of our lives and we follow in others – it all depends on the “role” we play in that area of our life.  It takes both leaders and followers for the world to function.  If everyone were trying to lead, there would be no one to follow and chaos would ensue.  If everyone followed, we would all wander aimlessly.

It’s the choices we make in our different roles that contribute to our happiness.  For example, if we choose to work in a career where we are “following”, we are more likely to be content in that role.  If we feel like we are stuck in a “follower” role, that’s when restless discontent sets in.  On the flip side, if we are forced into a leadership role where we don’t feel passion and purpose, we may not do our best as leaders – and we’ll look to run as soon as possible.

These choices are about deciding what our role is and knowing it is okay to NOT want to be a leader in everything we do.  It’s okay to choose to be a follower.  As a matter of fact, choosing to lead in some areas and to follow in others can bring a strong sense of balance to our lives.

But what do we do when we are in a role and want to be doing the opposite?  Many people face this dilemma daily and it boils down to choices and actions.  It’s about deciding what we want out of life and taking steps to achieve those things.

Because this blog centers on entrepreneurship and small business ownership, it’s probably safe to assume that our readers are interested in a leadership role in their own business.  Some readers already have a business while others are still dreaming…and scheming!

We encourage you to look at each area of life and decide if taking a lead role or a follower role is best.  For someone trying really hard to start or build their own business, sometimes it’s best to take a follower role in other areas so that time, money, and energy can be spent building the business.  The good news is that this is not a sacrifice – it’s a choice!  It’s a choice to lessen responsibilities in one area so attention can be focused on another.

Don’t be afraid to examine all areas of life and determine if “follower” or “leader” is best at this time.  It doesn’t mean it will be this way forever.  It just means that, for now, this is what works to get to the next step of the planned goals.

Give yourself permission to step back in some areas and step up in others as you journey through business development.

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