The Key Factors For Successful Entrepreneurship

One of the key factors of successful entrepreneurship is creating a solid team of masters and mentors who have already paved the path before you.  It’s also critical to have a team of people behind you that can handle each detail.

By not listening and watching others that have gone before us, we could be wasting weeks, months, and even years trying to “re-invent” the wheel.  This wasted time could be spent developing products, growing our businesses…and even getting rich.  Many social and “giving” entrepreneurs have developed info products and programs that can help us map out our own future and it would be foolish not to follow in these master’s footsteps.

Though we think we can (or should) do things on our own, there is no such thing as a “self-made” millionaire.  With every successful person is a team of people who work to make sure everything gets done.  Even the most successful and famous business achievers have huge teams of people behind them.  Yes, the entrepreneurs are brilliant people – but it is humanly impossible for one person to handle every detail on their own.

New business owners may be hesitant to “pay” someone to handle the back-end details for the business but there are definitely ways to think creatively when it comes to a “paycheck.”  There may be other entrepreneurs who need the product or service you provide and you need theirs.  In this situation, a trade would be a “win-win.”  Leaning on friends and family to pack boxes and ship orders might be an option, too…they are probably the people that want to help you succeed the most!

Even if the new entrepreneur has to pay someone to fulfill orders or handle bookkeeping, the payoff is worth it when you think in terms of satisfied clients, meeting accounting and tax guidelines and laws, etc.  If orders don’t get shipped or there are tons of technical problems with website ordering, customers will cancel their order and go elsewhere.

Not everyone is born to be an entrepreneur.  Some people are “discovered” as entrepreneurs later in life and still others serve their purpose by being in a background supportive role.  Just think of famous speakers – they might just travel to the event location, speak, and leave.  But there were a whole lot of other people who arranged for that event, provided registration, sold merchandise, and got the equipment and materials shipped in time (the list goes on).  The famous speaker didn’t do it all on their own (and maybe didn’t do any of it!)

Many entrepreneurs are chatty, “think big”, wonderful salespeople…and this is why it is so important that teams be made up of people with a broad range of skills and personalities. There are always people willing to be in the background making sure products are delivered on time, systems are running, marketing is being done, and legal contracts are in place.

Some business owners don’t want to bring others in because they may not have the passion for the business that the owner does.  That’s true…they might not.  But this is where finding the right person for the job is key to success in the organization.  And it also means leading and managing the employees so the work gets done to the satisfaction of the business owner.

So don’t be afraid to build a team of people that will support you in your business endeavors.  A team will ensure all details are handled and will give you the opportunity to do what you do best.




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