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When we look at traditional educational systems, both public and private, we will be hard-pressed to find many schools that really teach students about business.  This is especially true when it comes to the topic of entrepreneurial education.

For the “typical” person to achieve financial success, they must really create and grow their own business.  It’s nearly impossible to be financially successful by just being an employee in a company or by being self-employed.  But sadly, our traditional educational systems don’t focus on entrepreneurship as a path to success.

For most everyone, entrepreneurial education is necessary in order to achieve the desired success in business and because this isn’t taught in traditional schools, the seminar and self-development industry was born.  This $100 billion per year industry “fills the gap” between what wasn’t taught and what entrepreneurs need to know as they develop and grow their businesses.

This is precisely why our pursuit is to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.  It is not enough to just provide money and food – though this is certainly helpful to a poor and hungry population, it isn’t the answer to the problem.

Education is the answer.  And our traditional education systems are not contributing to students growing up to be successful in business.

Changing educational systems is a long and tedious process.  There are financial, political, social, and cultural issues to consider.  But we don’t have to wait for change to happen.  Even as individuals, we can contribute to the success of our future (and our children’s future) by educating ourselves and others – by learning and sharing what business masters and mentors teach.

And because our systems are so behind in educating in business fundamentals, we must teach and learn in an accelerated format where students learn by hands-on experiences…where they can make mistakes in a safe environment and learn from those mistakes.  Traditionally, there’s been no room for the genius in us to come out, especially through educational experiences – we’re taught to comply and not think outside the prepared lesson plans.

Successful entrepreneurs have found ways to learn outside of what they were taught in school – to grab hold of big ideas and run with them.

The challenge is upon us to find our genius – to change our little corner of the world in order to contribute to the changes needed in the whole world.

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