Live Life By Design, Not By Circumstance

Life is time.

For many people, life is consumed with the past.  We define who we are, what we do, what we have, and what we want through the lens of “yesterday.”  But see, there is no power in yesterday…there are only lessons.  The person consumed with yesterday is powerless to live today and to dream about tomorrow.  When we dwell on what might have been or should have been, we can’t move forward.

Tomorrow is not here and tomorrow is not now.  But yet, many of us are so preoccupied with what tomorrow may or may not bring, that we miss today.  We need tomorrow…tomorrow allows us to visualize our dreams.  Tomorrow is hope.  But there is no power in living in tomorrow.

Today is power.  Today is where we take the lessons from the past and apply them in creating tomorrow.  Today is the result of all of our yesterdays…and today is the building block for all of our tomorrows.  Today is here and now and asks the question “What will you do with me?”

Life is action.

We create our life through action.  Action takes choices.  We decide on a path and we take it.  And sometimes this can be overwhelming so we don’t decide…we don’t take action.  And then we find ourselves lost.

Whether we take a thousand small steps or a few giant leaps, action will help us build momentum to take bigger steps.  Starting small works in creating the life we want.

Are you creating the life you want?  It’s a powerful question that isn’t easy to digest for most of us.  Life is big and life can sometimes be really messy.  And though we can’t always take full control of our entire life at one time, we can take baby steps to reclaim portions of our lives that we have let slip.

First, we must come to the realization that we have the power to create the life we want.  That power comes through choices and the choices come from knowledge.  We can’t do better until we know better and we can’t know better until we learn something new and different.  When we have knowledge, we can make good choices for ourselves.

Second, we must be able to define what kind of life we want.  For many of us who were never taught to dream or think big, this can be very difficult.  If you interviewed people on the street about their dream life, most would keep it to the simple and mundane…good job, make money, have a family, own a nice car and home.  This “safe and simple” life is what is comfortable for most of us.  It’s what we were taught by our parents – “safe and simple” is enough so why think beyond that.

But if we really allowed ourselves to define our ideal life…if we stripped away fear and took away any perceived barriers, what would that look like?  It’s the layers of fear and barriers that keep us from being who and how we really want to be. 

Now, can you have this life?  In a word…Yes.  But the question of “are you willing to have this life?” remains.  Are you willing to work through fear and knock down barriers?  Are you up for the work and the challenges you will face as you carve your way to a new existence?

Only you can answer these questions.  Only you can decide if you’ll be one of the very few that lives their lives by design…not by circumstance.  The answer lies in your head and in your heart.

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