How To Achieve Ultimate Fulfillment In Life

We are all in pursuit of something.

That pursuit might be for wealth, love, peace, friendship, family, acceptance, purpose, health, or significance.  It might even be for the ultimate of all pursuits: Happiness.

As we look at what we are pursuing, it’s always a good exercise to see if that’s truly what we’re focused on along the way.  For example, if our ultimate pursuit is happiness but we spend most of our time unhappy, then how will we ever get to “happiness?”  And, more importantly, how will we know when we’ve gotten there.

It’s very rare that we wake up one day and the ultimate dream is ours.  It takes planning, goal-setting, and hard work to get to our destinations.  It takes a plan.

Pursuits aren’t necessarily meant to be “the end” but rather a journey…a way of life that we live as we pursue.  And the end goal may change as we move through life, gain maturity, and adjust.  A young entrepreneur may pursue a million dollars but once that goal is reached, then what?  It’s very rare that we set one pursuit goal and then make a hard stop when we get there.  Things change.  Goals change.  We change.

Chances are that if we really examine the things we’re pursuing, they won’t be found at the end of some rainbow…they are found in the daily happenings of life.  If we fool ourselves into thinking “I’ll be happy when ____ happens” then we leave the fate of our well-being in the hands of circumstances outside of ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing things but may we suggest a new pursuit that will perhaps bring all other pursuits into perspective.  That pursuit is to CONNECT…to bring people together so that a link is established.  To connect ourselves with fellow mankind and do our part to connect them with each other.

By pursuing to connect, we bring to light that which we all seek: Acceptance, Love, Significance…and even genuine happiness.  The pursuit to connect makes all other pursuits possible.

Those connections are the foundation to the teams we will build, the people we will do business with, the market in which we will provide our products and services to, and the community in which we’ll thrive.

The thought that we can do anything on our own is a lesson in frustration and heartache.  As motivated as we might be and as smart as we are, we need others to support us.  It is through connection that we find that support.

How can we apply the pursuit of Connection to our lives…it’s simple really.  If we want love, connect with others in love.  If we want wealth, connect with others that bring value into our lives.  If we want acceptance, give unconditional acceptance to others.

Don’t let fulfillment in life come as a result of arriving at some mysterious destination.  Instead, let fulfillment come from knowing you are on the right path as you journey through life.

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