Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

As our readers have heard us say so many times before, entrepreneurial education is the key to achieving success in business…and to changing the world. Traditional education systems don’t do a good job of teaching students how to start and run their own businesses and yet it’s almost impossible to become wildly financially successful by just being an employee of a company.

Establishing a team of mentors and other support people will help a small business owner or entrepreneur grow their business. That team, coupled with thinking beyond borders and becoming a Global Entrepreneur by taking a business international will help the entrepreneur grow their business beyond their wildest imagination.

A lot of people think that entrepreneurs are born that way…born to think differently…born to take risks in starting their own business, while the rest of us are just “stuck” working for someone else. There does seem to be people who just have that “entrepreneurial spirit” built in. They are driven to succeed in their own ventures and will let nothing stop them. But if we take a careful look at the lives of these “gifted” people, we see that they probably had many “failures” along the way. We just don’t hear about these people until they make it big and then it looks like it was all a road paved with gold for them.

But people don’t have to be born with the entrepreneurial spirit to be successful business owners. This can be discovered or learned throughout life. Learning to be an entrepreneur can be tough but again, education is the necessary element to their success. A “discovered” entrepreneur may have to fight the instinct to give up and go back to work for a company – this is where having a strong network and support system is critical. Surrounding ourselves with people who believe in us and want us to succeed can make all the difference in our own success.

While some people are born entrepreneurs and others are discovered, there is another important group of people that we must acknowledge in our quest to create and build a business. This is the group of people that are happy to be in the background providing support. They may not feel they have what it takes to be the front-runner in a business but are still a very valuable component to the entrepreneurial team. They add value to the team by handling the details that the owner or entrepreneur will never have the time for.

These “behind-the-scenes” support team members can also achieve great financial success in the empire by sharing in the profits rather than just making a salary. Our experience shows that this support network will be extremely loyal to the owner and company. They will work very hard to meet the company objectives and do their part to contribute to the success of the organization.

Most of us have a dream. And somewhere in our lives, that dream can get squashed. By recognizing our own talents, strengths, and abilities, we can make those dreams come true no matter the circumstances we live in. We can educate ourselves, set goals, built a strong team, and participate in a network of like-minded people and still see great results – even if we weren’t born entrepreneurs or we would just rather work in a support role.

Whatever your dream, it’s just waiting for you to live it out.

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