Think Big—How To Be A Front-Runner In Your Business Today

Whether a business already exists or is still just a big idea in the mind of the dreamer, the need to think beyond geographical boundaries is a must. Our culture would have us follow in history’s footsteps and do business only where we live and, if we’re really adventurous, expand to other cities or states.

But technology and today’s changing economy encourages entrepreneurs to think bigger…much bigger – to think globally and expand into markets that are oceans away. And this global thinking is far above just marketing a business on the World Wide Web and calling it “international.” It’s about expanding the reach of a business to people who may not have exposure to that product or service otherwise.

It’s about building a World Wide Network so strong that borders and boundaries seem to disappear.

For years, big companies have been benefitting from a global presence but small business owners and entrepreneurs have looked at the miles as barriers to their own businesses stretching that far.

But to really leverage a business and look to a future full of potential and growth, the savvy entrepreneur will look overseas.

World economies are already connected. Big Business is already there and profiting from the global interconnectedness. It’s time for small business owners and entrepreneurs to think globally, too.

There are clients overseas just waiting to see what products and services are being offered. We all know how excited we get when a new product hits our market…how we eagerly wait for its arrival and will even sleep in a tent to be one of the first people to have that new thing. That same excitement is universal.

We all like and want products that fascinate us…that make our day a little easier, or enhance the way we run our businesses. And to really tap into this Connection Economy, we must understand what our potential global clients want and need. We must ready our businesses to respond to the call of demand.

If we’re only willing to do business in our own neighborhoods, we are missing out on over two billion potential customers in the Asia Pacific region alone. Where else can we expand our prospect base to so many people?

The mega-successful entrepreneurs and leaders of the future realize that thinking globally, making key connections, and opening new markets is critical right now.
This is our new reality. These front-runners also see that this clarity in their global business strategy leads to power and that big rewards come for thinking differently, planning for expansion, and mastering the principles of successful international business.

China alone has recorded 9%+ per year in economic growth for the last 25 years…weathering the global ups and downs of the economy. The rest of the world cannot ignore this important market.

Are we ready to think beyond borders and boundaries? Are we willing to look at how our businesses can make an impact around the world while also maintaining profitability for the company? Ignoring the global market is a mistake that many business owners will regret…and soon.

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