Humanitarian Organizations Excellerated Supports:

The Excellence Effect Movement

Unstoppable Foundation

Global Energy Network Institute
San Diego, California since 1984. Funded the original video of this work – supported through global network

World Resources SIMCenter
Latest project launched by GENI – continuing the work of R. Buckminster Fuller

The Pachamama Alliance
Organized the largest “Awakening the Dreamer” Symposium presented by Pachamama. Held in China with nearly 1000 participants. I am a Symposium Facilitator

Four Years Go Global Campaign
Promoted through our global network – supported the translation of video to Chinese

Lighthouse Foundation
Melbourne, Australia since early ‘90’s. We supported Susan Barton, the creator of the program, with entrepreneurial education, fund-raising, exposure through Network.

The REACH Foundation
Melbourne Australia since 1994. Jim Stynes, the founder of this foundation was inspired by the teachings learned in our programs based on the teaching of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller, our mentor, to create this organization. Has impacted over 600,000 teens-at-risk throughout Australia.

Operation Christmas Child

Jenna Druck Foundation

Difference Makers International

Global Dental Relief

Valley Elementary School Homework Club

The Harvest Home – Venice, California

San Pedro Shelter Home for Children (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Sao Sary Foundation (Cambodia)

Project Light Rwanda: A story of heart, healing and humanity

Project Light

Family Focused Health International

Crowdfund Climate Change

New Horizons

Lifetracks Global

IPT for Cancer

The Shift Network

Humanity Unites Brilliance – Founded by Charlie Gay, Humanitarian/Entrepreneur

Doers Group – Doers Culture & Education Foundation

Our Chinese partner organization: adopted 100 children (including families to care for them for 15 years) from the 2008 earthquake in Northern China. In addition, successful graduates of our programs were inspired by our work and adopted an additional 900 children/families.

We also support several “Money & You” schools for children in impoverished areas of China; and other organizations including that empower, feed and support children and young people, i.e. riding bicycles from Beijing to Xiamen to build character, self-esteem and social responsibility. Drives are constantly been done to support individuals with chronic diseases and other ailments.

RUMIAH – Home for HIV-infected Children – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Support through fund-raising, awareness to the Malaysian leadership/persons of influence to effect HIV awareness. They do not have a Web presence.

Before it’s Too Late Foundation (No longer in existence). Brought awareness of homeless teens in Australia. Saved many lives.

The list above does not include donations to:

World Vision
St. Jude
Father Joe’s Village
San Diego Food Bank
Women’s Home Shelters
St. Vincent DePaul
Agape Church
Seaside Church
Temple of Peace
Hawaii Homeless Shelter
Just Live My Child
Amnesty International
Mount Madonna School
You Caring
Rainforest ECO
Girl Scouts cookies

Plus individual pledges to support the young, the hungry, the ill and dying.

Our educational technology has had an impact on the works of:

  • Shock Incarceration Program – Dr. Cheryl Clark – A program that has saved the State of New York Prison System over US$ 1.4 billion through the years.
  • Day-In-Prison Program – Andrew Walsh – Humanitarian. Melbourne Australia

Many other graduates of our programs have gone on to create Foundations as listed above. We focus on “churching out” Social Entrepreneurs.

As an organization we provide many scholarships into our programs to community leaders, and other persons that qualify to be educated in entrepreneurial education but don’t have the means to pay for the tuition.

As an organization, we contribute to many non-profit organizations educational programs by presenting at no charge for our services and continually support their success.

We introduce non-profit organizations to participants of all Excellerated programs.

We are continuing the legacy of the late R. Buckminster Fuller, a great humanitarian committed to moving the world from scarcity-thinking to sufficiency to abundance. You can learn more about our Mentor:

Our mission: To Transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.

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