Amazing Tips From Global Entrepreneurs about Building a Successful Business

The world truly becomes your “oyster” when you have a global business. You don’t have to be a giant. You just have to have a “little piece” of a market — which can grow into a large business — a conglomerate that can truly create riches for you. All businesses start small! All global Regions / countries have different economic cycles which they go through. so when you have expanded your markets globally, you will be covered no matter what happens. It does require that you get educated in global matters / markets — and this helps to keep you ahead of any potential competitors. Being a Global Entrepreneur keeps you being an “on-the-leading-edge innovator”, which is key to keeping your niche.

Global entrepreneurship allows you to exercise and maintain your brain “plasticity” at its optimum. This helps to expand those neurological pathways that keeps your brain sharp and allows your eyes to be open and see new opportunities. A true entrepreneur is constantly looking for new ways of marketing, selling, managing/handling their teams, and creating new revenue streams. When you are dealing with people internationally, you automatically begin to learn new ways of doing business, expanding markets, and having the latest technologies. We began to “SMS” (texting) in the Asia Pacific region at least 7 years before it became popular in the States. Right now free communication Apps such as WeChat are used by nearly half a billion people in that region — it has now started to spread like wildfire in Mexico and other Latin countries — and most people in the States have no idea what WeChat is… So different markets have different contributions can make to each other. Start looking and be happily surprised on how you can stay ahead of the game by being a Global Entrepreneur!

Dame DC Cordova
CEO, Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs / Money & You® Program

Value and Build Relationship

annie-limI realized one of the biggest contributors to my business growing globally is the people I know and got to know through my network. Through these individuals is how I learn more about a country and their ways of doing business than reading any written materials available. This is also where opportunities lie.

One simple tip I would like to share with you is take time to connect with people. I found out that by just taking the time to respond to an email or spend 15-30 mins on a call to get to know the individual and see how I can be of support to them, it has lead me to opportunities beyond my dreams and have brought me contacts that supported and grew my businesses both locally and globally. Value each contact and take time to build relationship, you never know where it might lead you to or WHO it might lead you to. Enjoy!

About Dr. Annie Lim

Dr. Annie Lim is a serial entrepreneur; a fun, brilliant and creative individual who lives to serve and touch the lives of others through coaching, training and transformational work.She runs several companies including Dr. Annie Lim International Inc. (, a training and coaching company, CEO of Ferret Card, Inc. (the largest mobile loyalty program company in Canada) and official promoter of Money & You program in Toronto ( She is also the founder of the Women In Business World Summit event ( debuting in March 2014. She has been featured on Bloomberg Television, various magazines, newspapers, TV stations and was recently awarded the International Women’s Day Outstanding Service Award by Women’s International Network, USA.

Annie is also the founder of L.I.F.E. (Learning Inspires Frees Empowers) Children Foundation to provide underprivileged children around the globe with better educational opportunities, and to support their growth as individuals and members of society.

Global Entrepreneur Tips from Gabriel Nossovitch

Gabriel NossovitchSuccessful Global Entrepreneurs must have strong intentionality, and yet show a deep willingness to listen with an open mind. As a Global Entrepreneur it is of utmost importance to “stay focused on your purpose” as you are bound to face unusual, unpredictable and challenging situations. It is equally as important to keep an open mind and to show flexibility. A global entrepreneur needs to be willing to adapt to different socioeconomic mores and political environments.

Being a global entrepreneur means that when someone tells you “in our country we are not used to that, and people will not accept that,” you need to have the maturity to seriously consider the objections, but at the same time, stay connected with your intention to bring new possibilities into the culture. You remain clear that you purpose is to offer new opportunities regardless of whether or not they challenge the prevailing ways or traditional MOs.

I have learned that there is a beautiful balance that the Global Entrepreneur often must master. And that is the balance between: “the honoring of traditions and embracing the culture” and “the bringing of new, bold and fresh ideas.” They need to be flexible yet have the will to assert their creativity through innovations that forward the common good.

About Gabriel Nossovitch

Gabriel Nossovitch is a successful Global Entrepreneur. He is the founder of several companies throughout Latin America and the United States: ArgentinaWorks SA, in Buenos Aires, ChileWorks SA, in Santiago, and Worldworks Mexico, in Mexico City. He is the co-founder of WorldWorks Inc. in the United States and the originator of The Nossovitch Group method, a successful training program for Executives operating in a global environment. These organizations offer leadership training and transformational education. They also sponsor large scale community service projects aimed at raising awareness in underprivileged populations in the Americas.

We may find out more about Mr. Nossovitch by visiting and by downloading his world renown “Story-bored” Audio Program, a two hour transformational course, from his personal site


10 Steps To Successful Business Relationships And Deals In The Asia Pacific Region

Part of doing business overseas is understanding and complying with how business is done “there”…it is not about infusing business customs learned from “here.”

Successful Global Entrepreneurs in the Asia Pacific Region adhere to codes and standards for doing business. These codes and standards are centered on networks and relationships…not around transactions.

Here are some great tips for doing business in this region:


7 Keys To Global Business Success That’ll Give You An Edge Over Your Competition

Conducting business globally can be a tremendous boost to your business and your life. A savvy entrepreneur can find an entirely new market for their product or service and reap the benefits of global interconnectedness.

The successful international businessperson will discover that doing business in other countries is different than doing business at home. With careful research and planning, the leap to becoming a Global Entrepreneur can be exciting and rewarding.

Following these tips will help a budding Global Entrepreneur find success overseas:


Think Big—How To Be A Front-Runner In Your Business Today

Whether a business already exists or is still just a big idea in the mind of the dreamer, the need to think beyond geographical boundaries is a must. Our culture would have us follow in history’s footsteps and do business only where we live and, if we’re really adventurous, expand to other cities or states.

But technology and today’s changing economy encourages entrepreneurs to think bigger…much bigger – to think globally and expand into markets that are oceans away. And this global thinking is far above just marketing a business on the World Wide Web and calling it “international.” It’s about expanding the reach of a business to people who may not have exposure to that product or service otherwise.

It’s about building a World Wide Network so strong that borders and boundaries seem to disappear.

For years, big companies have been benefitting from a global presence but small business owners and entrepreneurs have looked at the miles as barriers to their own businesses stretching that far.


Must-Have Survival Tactics For “Little Fish” In Big Seas

With so much advertising “noise”, it is hard for us to get our marketing message heard by the right people at the right time. This is especially true for entrepreneurs and business owners who may be competing with bigger companies that are offering the same or similar products or services. So how can the “little fish in the big sea” survive?

In his book, The Icarus Deception, author Seth Godin talks of a time when obeying the rules would help you excel. When compliance was safe and was a major key to success. But those days are long gone, especially if you have, or want to have, your own company. Building a successful business is not about a widget, gadget, or a whatchamacallit. It’s about only one thing…Connection. Our success is equal to our ability to connect with people in new and different ways. Our success is dependent on building a network of other strong individuals who will contribute to our success and us to theirs.

The good news is that entrepreneurs and small businesses can do this in a way that Big Business never can. Mr. Godin explains that with the changing of the industrial economy being the main driver of the world’s wealth to the “Connection Economy”, there has been a big change in what society values. Across most cultures, the industrial age is being replaced by the originality and art of this new Connection Economy. In the book, he encourages us to embrace ourselves as artists (creative types)…and to know that we are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than we’re willing to admit.

As we think about how big our “sphere of influence” is, many of us will limit ourselves to our own town or geographic region. A few of us may stretch ourselves and think beyond our regional boundaries to our own country or maybe even a neighboring country. Even fewer will think globally and succumb to the “I’m just a little fish in a big sea” philosophy.

But in this Connection Economy, we know that being new and creative is the only way to be seen and heard and that if we want to make an impact on the world, we have to be out in the world. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources but the most powerful source is our own experiences. Imagine the possibilities when we take those experiences and share them across borders and oceans and cultures. Imagine connecting with other entrepreneurs who are eager to contribute to your success and you feel the same about them.


12 Tips On How To Make Business Travel Smoother And Stress-Free

So the decision has been made to at least check out taking your business international.  Travel plans have been made and meetings scheduled.  Here are some tips on how to make international business travel less stressful so you can focus on building your new global business.


7 Characteristics Of Business Icons And Innovators (Which Ones Do You Have?)

Do you ever wonder why successful people are successful?  What makes them any different from us?  Are they smarter?  Do they have more education?  Were they born with some kind of skill or gift that we didn’t get?  Did they learn different stuff in school?

There are distinctive characteristics of global business icons and successful innovators – and none of these “markers” are so exclusive that you can’t possess them, too.

These icons and innovators:


The Global Marketplace – Not Just For Big Business Anymore!

You may think that only big businesses can go global. That only the big players have the resources to do business in other countries and are the only organizations that can reap the benefits of having a world-wide marketplace.

The good news is that this isn’t true in today’s world! The time has come for businesses of all sizes to comprehend the importance of connecting globally to increase their own business and take collective responsibility for the well-being of all people on Earth.

Just imagine being able to take your product or service where billions of people live…to introduce what could be a new and innovative product that could change the way others live their daily lives or run their businesses.

World economies are already connected and big companies are already benefitting from global interconnectedness. Why shouldn’t entrepreneurs and small business owners have access to these same benefits…the benefits of widening their target market to an international level?


Meet our Instructors: Randolph Craft

Randolph Craft comes from a richly varied professional background. Born in the mid-west in 1946, he became an entrepreneur at the age of eight selling cook books door to door. He was class president several times during his youth and won many awards in debate, extemporaneous speaking, and drama. Undergraduate work was at the U. of Illinois, and the U. of Hawaii. He has worked professionally as an entertainer, was in the Honolulu restaurant industry for 7 years, participated in the real estate and securities industry, and in 1971, founded Architectural Aesthetics which provides interior architectural design and specialty construction services in Hawaii and the mainland.

He also a instructor for entrepreneurs to teach them practical and time-tested techniques to become super organized and super productive. Be it finding valuable personal time in the middle of a busy day or completing necessary tasks on tight deadlines, you’ll learn how to plan effectively and maximize their time and efficiency!

The #1 Secret To “Thinking Big” About Your Business

Would you like to expand the impact of your business to billions of people?  Just think of the possibilities that reaching that many people with your product or service could create for you.

How do you do that?  By becoming a Global Entrepreneur – taking your business to the world.

When we limit our thinking and our reach to our own area, state, or country, we’re also limiting our income and the impact our products can contribute to the world as a whole.  We are already embroiled in a “world economy” and if we seriously want to see our businesses grow to be an empire and to make a difference to humanity, we must think globally.

When you are a Global Entrepreneur, the world is your oyster.  The world of big business is already global.  Money is global.  And now is the time that entrepreneurs begin to think big…really big.

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