Are Entrepreneurs Born Or Made?

As our readers have heard us say so many times before, entrepreneurial education is the key to achieving success in business…and to changing the world. Traditional education systems don’t do a good job of teaching students how to start and run their own businesses and yet it’s almost impossible to become wildly financially successful by just being an employee of a company.

Establishing a team of mentors and other support people will help a small business owner or entrepreneur grow their business. That team, coupled with thinking beyond borders and becoming a Global Entrepreneur by taking a business international will help the entrepreneur grow their business beyond their wildest imagination.


The Key Factors For Successful Entrepreneurship

One of the key factors of successful entrepreneurship is creating a solid team of masters and mentors who have already paved the path before you.  It’s also critical to have a team of people behind you that can handle each detail.

By not listening and watching others that have gone before us, we could be wasting weeks, months, and even years trying to “re-invent” the wheel.  This wasted time could be spent developing products, growing our businesses…and even getting rich.  Many social and “giving” entrepreneurs have developed info products and programs that can help us map out our own future and it would be foolish not to follow in these master’s footsteps.

Though we think we can (or should) do things on our own, there is no such thing as a “self-made” millionaire.  With every successful person is a team of people who work to make sure everything gets done.  Even the most successful and famous business achievers have huge teams of people behind them.  Yes, the entrepreneurs are brilliant people – but it is humanly impossible for one person to handle every detail on their own.


Knowing When To Say When When It Comes To Your Business

Building a successful business is hard.  We pour our blood, sweat, and tears into it.  We sacrifice much…money, time, energy, and sometimes even relationships to make a business work.  We want it so badly that everything else in our lives becomes second…or third.  We talk the business, we walk it, we sleep it, we eat it, and it consumes us.  We are willing to give up everything to make this business successful.

But what happens to us when, regardless of circumstance, we collapse from exhaustion and see that this business just isn’t going to work?

Sometimes when we take a step back we realize that we have become the business and the business has become us.  Our identities are so wrapped up in the success of this venture that we really don’t know who we are without it.  Sadly, this makes us so determined to make it work that we just won’t let it go…no matter the cost.

The fear of failure is so strong that we’re willing to give up everything, including who we are, to see the business succeed.  We listen to our doubters and the nay-sayers who said this would never work and we just want to prove them wrong.

Although it is our hope that you never have a business fail, it does happen so it’s important for us to think and talk about.  And it’s important to ask “when is it time to pull the plug?”


How To Achieve Ultimate Fulfillment In Life

We are all in pursuit of something.

That pursuit might be for wealth, love, peace, friendship, family, acceptance, purpose, health, or significance.  It might even be for the ultimate of all pursuits: Happiness.

As we look at what we are pursuing, it’s always a good exercise to see if that’s truly what we’re focused on along the way.  For example, if our ultimate pursuit is happiness but we spend most of our time unhappy, then how will we ever get to “happiness?”  And, more importantly, how will we know when we’ve gotten there.

It’s very rare that we wake up one day and the ultimate dream is ours.  It takes planning, goal-setting, and hard work to get to our destinations.  It takes a plan.


The #1 Secret To Changing The World Most People Will NEVER Know!

When we look at traditional educational systems, both public and private, we will be hard-pressed to find many schools that really teach students about business.  This is especially true when it comes to the topic of entrepreneurial education.

For the “typical” person to achieve financial success, they must really create and grow their own business.  It’s nearly impossible to be financially successful by just being an employee in a company or by being self-employed.  But sadly, our traditional educational systems don’t focus on entrepreneurship as a path to success.

For most everyone, entrepreneurial education is necessary in order to achieve the desired success in business and because this isn’t taught in traditional schools, the seminar and self-development industry was born.  This $100 billion per year industry “fills the gap” between what wasn’t taught and what entrepreneurs need to know as they develop and grow their businesses.

This is precisely why our pursuit is to transform educational systems around the world to eradicate poverty and hunger.  It is not enough to just provide money and food – though this is certainly helpful to a poor and hungry population, it isn’t the answer to the problem.

Education is the answer.  And our traditional education systems are not contributing to students growing up to be successful in business.


Top 10 Global Meeting Etiquette Tips

When doing business in the Asia Pacific region, it is so important NOT to attempt to infuse our own cultures, habits, and etiquette into business meetings and deals.  Here are 10 tips to help everyone prepare for business meetings abroad:


Business Agreements When Doing Business Globally

It goes without saying that business and tax laws are different in different countries.  Many entrepreneurs have learned this lesson the hard way by not utilizing experts to get agreements, licenses, and contracts in place prior to conducting business abroad.

As with any business venture, you should consult with experts who are knowledgeable in international business, specifically the county chosen to do business in.  For certain industries and countries, taxes may be waived for the first two years of profitability and reduced for up to three more years thereafter.  A savvy entrepreneur or small business owner will want to take advantage of these tax incentives.

Taxes are not the only concern when entering a new market.  Topics such as general accounting, business risk mitigation, contracts, and licensing must also be addressed with experts.

There are many resources available to guide a business owner when conducting business in a foreign country.  It is always a good idea to find samples to guide you in developing business agreements, whether the business is for a product or service.  The business owner should write the agreement first, work through it with all parties concerned and then make it legal.  It is ill-advised to work on trust alone!


Live Life By Design, Not By Circumstance

Life is time.

For many people, life is consumed with the past.  We define who we are, what we do, what we have, and what we want through the lens of “yesterday.”  But see, there is no power in yesterday…there are only lessons.  The person consumed with yesterday is powerless to live today and to dream about tomorrow.  When we dwell on what might have been or should have been, we can’t move forward.

Tomorrow is not here and tomorrow is not now.  But yet, many of us are so preoccupied with what tomorrow may or may not bring, that we miss today.  We need tomorrow…tomorrow allows us to visualize our dreams.  Tomorrow is hope.  But there is no power in living in tomorrow.


To Lead Or To Follow – Make The Choice

Most people would have us believe that we are either leaders or followers…not both.  But, in reality, we lead in some parts of our lives and we follow in others – it all depends on the “role” we play in that area of our life.  It takes both leaders and followers for the world to function.  If everyone were trying to lead, there would be no one to follow and chaos would ensue.  If everyone followed, we would all wander aimlessly.

It’s the choices we make in our different roles that contribute to our happiness.  For example, if we choose to work in a career where we are “following”, we are more likely to be content in that role.  If we feel like we are stuck in a “follower” role, that’s when restless discontent sets in.  On the flip side, if we are forced into a leadership role where we don’t feel passion and purpose, we may not do our best as leaders – and we’ll look to run as soon as possible.


Crucial Steps to Avoid International Business Meeting Disasters

A successful Asia Pacific Global Entrepreneur may work for months to get the right business contacts and meetings set up prior to getting on an airplane for the long journey to the country selected to do business in.

Assuming that business meetings will be conducted in the same manner as they are at “home” is a big mistake that can thwart success.

Here are some great tips for business meeting preparation, dress, and etiquette:

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