7 Characteristics Of Business Icons And Innovators (Which Ones Do You Have?)

Do you ever wonder why successful people are successful?  What makes them any different from us?  Are they smarter?  Do they have more education?  Were they born with some kind of skill or gift that we didn’t get?  Did they learn different stuff in school?

There are distinctive characteristics of global business icons and successful innovators – and none of these “markers” are so exclusive that you can’t possess them, too.

These icons and innovators:

  1. See the world differently – they look at the big picture and see opportunities rather than barriers.  They think outside the box of traditional business.  They look at others as a valuable resource and they give back so others can be successful, too.
  2. They choose the right environments, finding just the right place at just the right time where their businesses can thrive.  They are willing to shake things up if needed, knowing that change can be hard but change can be good.
  3. They embrace the global lifestyle – learning about customers and cultures in order to build relationships and grow socially responsible businesses.
  4. They constantly expand their circle of influence by making new contacts and entering new markets.  They listen to their market and improve or create new products or services in response.
  5. They plan for the next market expansion – always looking ahead to stay in front of the competition.  They don’t wait until the last minute and then throw together a plan.  They are strategic make every move count.
  6. They don’t keep “all of their eggs in one basket” – they don’t rely on a single market or economy for sustainability and growth.  They are constantly seeking new opportunities and are willing to weather the “downs” while thriving in the “ups.”
  7. They master the principles of successful international business – they research and learn what it takes to do business globally.  They look to experts that have paved the path before them.  They don’t leave these critical details to chance.

You may already possess some of these traits while needing to expand on others.  But as you can see, there’s nothing here that makes you ineligible from iconic success.  You can have each of these characteristics and put them to work in your business, your life, and then use them to impact the world through global entrepreneurship.

You’ve probably heard the saying that “You can’t DO better until you KNOW better” but you can’t know better until you learn something new and different than you already know.  And learning something new and different is what truly sets a business icon and innovator apart from everyone else.

Are you ready to become an icon and innovator?  Are you ready to become a Global Entrepreneur?  Can you see yourself and your business making a global impact for humanity? 

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